square black and grey images of the disabled athletes and influencers that have created workouts for Unlimited You.

Who are we?

Unlimited You is an online fitness platform that helps disabled people and people with long term illnesses to workout. By co-creating with disabled influencers, coaches and influencers we create workouts that are designed and created by disabled people for disabled people.

Why was Unlimited You founded?

Unlimited You was founded by Danielle Roberts. After being born with an obstetric brachial plexus injury and being frustrated by the lack of accessibility in the fitness world Unlimited You was born.

Unlimited You was born out of necessity. It was born to help disabled people have access to workouts just like everyone else.

Our Values


We believe it's so important that the disabled community is involved with the creation of workouts and fitness resources. No-one really knows what it's like to have a disability unless you are disabled.


We want to create a community of people where everyone feels like they have a safe space to share their achievements and triumphs whilst also being able to share their struggles and journeys.


Everything that we do is to try and help disabled people. We will try to bring new and innovative ideas to the for front and really provide content that helps disabled people.